Awards of the Third Reich were military, political and civilian orders and medals that were bestowed between 1923 and 1945, first by the NSDAP and later the state the Greater German Reich. Here, you will find the exact historical replicas of the awards, pendants, medals, badges, pins, and stickpins from The Third Reich period.
All pendants and awards could be crafted from Sterling Silver .925, White Gold and Yellow Gold with purity 10 carats, 14 carats, 18 carats, and 24 carats. Of course, we also offer Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow Gold plated and Rhodium plated jewelry.
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Legal Disclaimer: This site displays also ww2 militaria products about fallen states/regimes. The purpose is the sale. We are totally dissociated from any kind of propaganda and we do not sympathize with the above mentioned periods. This site does not deal with ideals or political parties but invests in manufacturing and trading. Our replicas purpose is historical re-enactment or collecting for example. NSVENDOR doesn't take responsibility and not refund if the item which is sold is subject to restrictions in the customer's country and it's confiscated by the local authorities.