We offer free and relatively fast shipping for all around the world.

Free shipping:

  • Europe: 1-3 weeks (usually 1-2 weeks);
  • USA: 2-5 weeks. (usually 2-3 weeks);
  • Australia: 3-6;
  • Rest of the world: 3-6.


  • Europe: 1-2 business days
  • Rest of the Wolrd: 2-4 business days

NB! We are trying to offer the best customer service and to let you know about the location and the status of your order. Understand that we are not a robots and sometimes we may forget to check your shipment location. It could be in your local post office and they could return it to us because its unrequested (don`t worry, usually this period is 2-3 weeks) so please check occasionally the shipment status (with the tracking number we will give you) of your order if did not contacted you about it.

We protect your privacy by writing basic generic descriptions on all parcels. For example, if you order a "Swastika Ring", we will only write: "Souvenir." We won't write any specific content descriptions. We NEVER write Occult, Nazi, etc. Due to a high volume of gift shipments, we never show any prices. So, feel free to ship a gift to a friend. We usually put a minimum value on the export documents over ~$40.00 USD/ 30€.

*DHL service cost usually €45 and could be chosen as a shipping method in every ring, pendant or other jewelry products page. We offer if only for small parcels. If you are interested of DHL service for canvases and other bigger parcel please contact us.

**We do not take any responsibility for shipping delay. Please understand that some circumstances not depends on us and our capabilities but on the post services, weather and possible technical problems with the means of transport involved in the delivery process. From our side we make every effort to give our best.

***If it is applicable then all import/customs fees should be paid by the customer.