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Acceptance of terms of use and amendments
Each time you use or cause access to NSvendor.com, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time with or without notice to you. In addition, if you are using a particular service on NSvendor.com or accessed via NSvendor.com, you will be subject to any rules or guidelines applicable to those services, and they will be incorporated by reference within these Terms and Conditions. Please read the site's Privacy policy, which is incorporated within these Terms and Conditions by reference.

The site editor's service
NSvendor.com and the services provided to you on and via NSvendor.com are provided on an "AS IS" basis. You agree that the site editor reserves the right to modify or discontinue provision of NSvendor.com and its services, and to remove the data you provide, either temporarily or permanently, at any time, without notice and without any liability towards you, The site editor will not be held responsible or liable for timeliness, removal of information, failure to store information, inaccuracy of information, or improper delivery of information.

Your responsibilities and registration obligations
In order to use 
NSvendor.com or certain parts of it, you may be required to register for a user account on NSvendor.com; in this case, you agree to provide truthful information when requested. By registering for a user account, you explicitly agree to this site's Terms of use, including any amendments made by the site editor that are published herein.
In order to use 
NSvendor.com without registration or you make an order in NSvendor.com without registration, you agree to provide truthful information when it's requested.
The customer is responsible to research if the item which he buys
 is subject to restrictions in the customers country and if it can be confiscated by the local authorities.

Privacy policy
Registration data and other personally identifiable information that the site may collect is subject to the terms of the site editor's Privacy policy. In case you make an order /with registration or "Guest"/ you accept our Privacy policy.

Registration and password
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, and you will be responsible for all usage of your user account and/or username
, whether authorized or not authorized by you. You agree to immediately notify the site editor of any unauthorized use of your user account, username or password.

Custom made Jewelry and Purchase for Customizing Jewelry
In case you make a request/e
nquiry for a personalized jewelry, NSvendor.com reserves the right to offer different prices than the primary prices on the website, as well as to extend the manufacturing time and / or delivery time that are posted on the website.
If you make a request/enquiry for custom jewelry, you will be notified of the final price you have to pay, the manufacturing time and the delivery time.
In case you want to make an order for personalized jewelry by providing any content to 
NSvendor.com (image, photo, drawing/sketch):
- You agree to grant the site editor a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive right and license (including any moral rights or other necessary rights.) to use, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, perform, promote, archive, translate, and to create derivative works and compilations, in whole or in part. Such license will apply with respect to any form, media, technology already known at the time of provision or developed subsequently;
- You warrant and represent that you have all legal, moral, and other rights that may be necessary to grant the site editor the license specified in this section;

Legal Disclaimer

This site displays also ww2 militaria products about fallen states/regimes. The purpose is the sale. We are totally dissociated from any kind of propaganda and we do not sympathize with the above mentioned periods. This site does not deal with ideals or political parties but invests in manufacturing and trading. Our replicas purpose is historical re-enactment for example. 

NSvendor.com doesn't take responsibility and not refund if the item which is sold is subject to restrictions in the customers country and it's confiscated by the local authorities.

Price Changing

NSvendor.com keeps its right to change the price of every gold jewel, to request extra payment or to refund part of the amount to the customer or to reject an order for gold jewel as the gold price vary every day.

Reservation of rights
The site editor reserves all of the site editor's rights, including but not limited to any and all copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and any other proprietary right that the site editor may have in respect of 
NSvendor.com, its content, and goods and services that may be provided. The use of the site editor's rights and property requires the site editor's prior written consent. By making services available to you, the site editor is not providing you with any implied or express licenses or rights, and you will have no rights to make any commercial use of NSvendor.com or provided services without the site editor's prior written consent.

Notification of copyright infringement
If you believe that your property has been used in any way that could be considered a copyright infringement or a violation of your intellectual property rights, the site editor's copyright agent may be contacted via email [email protected]

Applicable law
You agree that these Terms and Conditions and any dispute arising out of your use of 
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Emails and Notifications
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