NSVendor is a small team of goldsmiths and other craftsmen

who want to grow up your own idea for unique custom jewels. We know how important are the quality handmade gifts, so we are trying to give our best for You, Your comrades, family or friends.

NSVendor.com offers handmade jewelry, rings, pendants, cufflinks and other accessories made by Sterling Silver 925, Yellow and White Gold at varieties 10ct, 14ct, 18ct, also hand bound books, canvas, posters and high-quality prints. We from NSVendor.com are trying to offer the best price/quality ratio. We want every jewelry or item to responds to Your requirements. Our priority is the fast communication and the perfectly crafted and unique jewelry.

It is not a fortuitousness that our slogan is  “Your idea will grow up through our skills!”

As an EU based company, NSVendor.com adheres to the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our business. Not only will you be assured of receiving an item of impeccable quality, you can rest easy knowing that it was made by well treated, happy people using safe and ethically produced materials. In a world where ethics and quality all too often take a back seat to short-term profits, you will find it a pleasure to be treated with respect, honesty, and courtesy. We know that there are many places for you to spend your hard earned money, and we appreciate you placing your trust in us. We want you as a lifetime client, and we want you to be able to recommend us to your friends and family without hesitation.


  • One of the highest selling Aryan jewelry, home decorations and gifts company in the world.
  • Made in the heart of Europe.
  • We have shipped to over 20 countries.
  • Have over 500 positive reviews.
  • We show actual photos, to show the quality of a finished product.
  • You deal directly with the creators to insure quick responses and professional service.
  • Available exclusively through NSVendor.
  • Great price, highest quality with no middle man involved.
  • Made by jewelers with more than 30 years of experience. 


  • We have the most unique, durable, high quality designs available.
  • Our designs are original, we strive to offer unique wearable art.
  • All of our rings are made of precious metal and they are solid.
  • Made with the latest technology combined with old world technique.
  • We craft it and ship it to you within 10-20 working days (depends on model) and shipping is free.
  • The only company to scale ring tops down for smaller finger sizes, to provide a better fit.


  • Free ring size exchange.
  • Customizable, larger finger sizes up to size 17.
  • Customize designs offered to fit your individual requirements.
  • Clear, open-line communication with goldsmiths and designers.

What do we offer

Just send us a picture or raw drawing of your idea for earrings, ring, pendant, cufflinks, necklaces etc. and if it is in our skills we will craft it with the dimensions that you wish, using the metal that you wish with the inscription that you wish.

You also could choose our already made jewels or items shown at www.NSVendor.com and customize them. You could choose the size, the metal, the gem, the symbols, the inscription and what you could imagine at all.

The quality of our products it's guaranteed - high-quality jewelry and items are our sign!

We accept orders from all around the world for custom jewels, rings, bracelets, earring pendants, cufflinks, badges, books and many other items left for future for now. We fulfill collective orders also.

For everything that You are wondering - just write to us!