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    Jewelry crafting details
    Crafting origin Entirely Handmade
    Metal varieties Sterling Silver .925, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Gold Plated Silver
    Purity varieties .925, 10k, 14k, 18k, 24k
    Approximate Weight 8 grams (weight in silver; x1,2 in Gold 14ct; x1,3 in Gold 18ct)
    Size varieties Any sizes
    Book details
    Title SS Laws;
    Author/Editor NSDAP;
    Language Both English and German;
    Pages 22 pages;
    Format A5
    Cover Paperback or Hardcover
    Condition All Brand New
    Book Edition details
    PrePublisher Morning Star Publishing Company: [email protected]
    Printed date 2019
    Print Information
    Framing High-Quality Fine print, Polyurethane Frame, Anti-reflective glass.
    External Frame Default Frame - Black Square Polyurethane Frame.
    Shipping & Handling Time
    Paperback Approximate Weight 95 gr;
    Hardcover Approximate Weight 185 gr;
    Crafting time ~ 10 business days
    Standard shipping 3-6 weeks (depends on destination and other factors that not depends on us). The poster is placed between two soft panels for maximum security.
    Express shipping DHL (1-4 business days, depends on destination).

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